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Private session

All my classes are now available online according to your intentions

Private class

80 $ / 1 hour

This course is dedicated to learn basic tools in Naada yoga, in Sanskrit or in Indian classical music. It is personalized to meet your current needs. Before starting, we will take 10-15 minutes to discuss the intention and purpose of the course. I will use my intuition and all my knowledge to guide you.

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300 $ / 5 hours

You want to go further in your knowledge of Naada Yoga, Sanskrit and Indian classical music. The 5 hours of introduction will be planned according to your schedule (weekly or intensive). A prior meeting of 20 to 30 minutes is scheduled to establish the needs and the desired direction.



500 $ / 10 hours

The training combines breath and vocal techniques based on classical Western and Indian music, notions of Sanskrit, learning of mantra among the most important of the Vedic and Tantric tradition as well as theoretical courses in Naada Yoga.

Both theoretical and practical, here are the themes that will be covered in Naada Yoga training:

  • Philosophy and origin of Naada Yoga, definitions and vocabulary around the yoga of sound

  • Vocal awareness Pranayama, chakra and kosha

  • Ayurveda and voice

  • Breath and vocal techniques

  • Introduction to ragas: Yaman and Bhairav

  • Introduction to the Sanskrit alphabet

  • Beyond OM and bija mantra

  • Main Vedic, Devotional and Tantric Mantras

  • Intention, Imagination and Affirmation of our inner powers

  • Devotion and bhakti; heart opening rituals

  • Voice liberation through movement

Other types of courses available:

  • Classical song and opera

  • Raga, bhajan and mantra

  • Harmonium

  • Sanskrit

  • Sound meditation

  • Therapeutic voice lesson 

  • Ayurvedic principles adapted to the voice

*Classes are given by Zoom (recorded) or in person when possible

* Open to serve according to your 

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