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It is with deep happiness that Memories from Afar is now available to download



The Ayurvedic Voice

I truly believe the voice is the mirror of the soul. By adapting the principles of Ayurveda (Ayur : life and Veda : science) with the vocal technic, we become more conscious about our nature and our inner strengh, and we also learn to balance the elements that we have inside of us (earth-water-fire-air-ether).


Mantra in sanskrit (Mana + tra) means tool of the mind. By singing a mantra, we teach the mind to focus on one thing and help to achieve a quality or a goal. Mantra singing is also related with Bhakti yoga and devotion, and it allow us to open the heart! 

Nada Yoga

Nada Yoga or Sound Yoga is one of the oldest forms of yoga where we find its origin in the Vedas. Through different soud 

(bija mantra) and toning, the practice of Naada Yoga helps to find union with our higher self. By using our voice in specific 

ways, we discover how it becomes a powerful tool to harmonize our subtles bodies, to anchor deeply in ourselves and realize our absolute nature. 


Open your voice with awareness and feel your vibrational body. Connect to your inner world, learn meditation technics and get closer to your deeper self with your own voice. Discover the next events and workshops or take a private class :

Private class

Open your voice, learn how to resonate, find your natural voice and practice how to coordinate the breath with the voice.


Discover the next workshops close to you

Training in Sound Yoga

Learn deeper knowledge about Naada Yoga and how to integrate it to your personal or professional practice. Reserve a one day, a weekend or a week training. 


Discover the next retreats and travels around the world.

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Festival One Spririt, Québec, Canada

Why Ayurnaada!

Ayurnaada is a word that I created by combining the sanskrit word Ayur that means life and Naada that means sound. Sound is fully part of our lives, so by being more conscious of how it is surrounding us, it can become a powerful tool to meditate, to centre and to create. 


As an avid singer and voice teacher for the last 15 years, Andreanne Laframboise first trained her voice in Western Classical Music and Opera and obtained a bachelor's degree at the University of Montreal. In 2013, she decides to follow her heart andgo study Indian Classical Music in India. Based in Rishikesh for two years, she will also learn Ayurveda and Hatha Yoga. Since 2016, she is learning Sanskrit at the Sri Aurobindo Society in Pondicherry to deepen her understanding of mantra, 

where music and spirituality cross paths. She is currently studying Hindustani music with the vocalist Lakshmi Santra.

Originally from Montreal, Canada, Andreanne Laframboise travels around the world with her music, doing workshops in 

Nada Yoga, Sound Journey and Kirtan. Her intuitive and nomadic path brought her to develop a unique technique of sound 

yoga that combines all her knowledge to free the voice with awareness. She has been invited to share her voice, retreats and workshops in Bali (Indonesia), Thailand, India, France, United States and Canada.

“Discover your music within and open your voice. Feel the union with yourself and with others by using sound.”

Andréanne Laframboise

Contact me! | Skype ID : alaframboise1

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